Feedback from our Events

Quotes from Participants

"I just wanted to thank you again for the opportunity to attend yesterday's workshop. It was incredible! The content and pace were spot-on, and I got a huge amount from it. Being able to talk to and hear from the employers supporting Returner initiatives was absolutely invaluable. I was lucky enough to have really positive conversations with two large local employers that I am hoping will lead to something. Tea was the perfect host, bringing warmth and professionalism, and it was clear that you had all worked brilliantly and tirelessly to produce a highly engaging and useful event. The workshop truly feels like a pivotal moment in my life, and I really cannot thank you enough once again for this invaluable personal development opportunity."

Gaynor - Returner

"Just a quick thank you to all of you for arranging a wonderful day. I loved hearing everyone’s stories and experiences and very much appreciated the advice and guidance you all gave. I met some great people throughout the event and feel very inspired that there are opportunities for me back in the hospitality business."

Lisa - Returner

"Uplifting and informative Workshop. Helpful and reassuring environment."

Jennifer - Returner

"All the sessions were very helpful at the right time for me. I was able to connect with women in the same situation as me and meet face to face with employers that can help me."

Natasha - Returner

"I really enjoyed 'real life' experiences and what has worked for others."

Sophie - Returner

"I really enjoyed meeting so many people and hearing about everyone’s experiences. The opportunity to meet with so many relevant employers and gain such great insights and advice was fantastic.”

Sara - Returner

"It was a super workshop, really thought provoking. I feel really energised and ready to tackle the next stage in my career journey.”

Lucy - Returner

Quotes from Employers and Partners

"What an amazing, motivating, powerful event for both delegates and employers; really great to showcase hospitality, travel and leisure and the inspirational people in it and the potential talent looking to be part of our sector."

Bourne Leisure

"I would recommend anyone who is wishing to return to a career in HTL to attend a Comeback to HTL Workshop if they have the opportunity."


"A great, supportive environment bringing together industry leaders and potential returners in an informative and inclusive environment."


"Great opportunity to get tips on returning as well as a chance to meet interested employers."

The Springboard Consultancy

"We loved being part of this inaugural Comeback day, sharing coaching and tips for returners. So impressed with the quality of returners and all the content."

My Family Care / Bright Horizons