Advice for Returners to HTL

Get CV Ready

Please update your CV

Write a cover letter that says what kind of roles and companies you're interested in (this will help us when matching to any opportunities available).

Please mention in your letter of application where you heard about the Comeback to HTL programme.

By submitting your CV to us, you understand we will share this information with the companies participating in the Comeback to HTL Programme

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Tips for Returners

Believe in yourself

Make a list of all your skills and experiences – before your career break and what you’ve learnt during it

Think about what you might want to do now and how your experience can be applied and be of value to any potential employer


Identify key people in your chosen industry to read and research about them

Follow them on social media

What’s your story?

Don’t be embarrassed by having taken a break

You don’t need to make excuses for the gap, just explain it clearly

Get professional

Create your LinkedIn profile and seek out former colleagues

Join relevant groups and see if there are any events or webinars you can attend

Stay objective

Once you’re back in work, schedule regular reviews with your line manager to ensure both parties are happy (especially if flexible working is involved)

For whatever reason, you have taken a break from your career, maybe you've been focusing on or raising a family, caring for someone or pursuing a new passion and are now looking to return to the workplace

You are seeking a new and exciting workplace where you can bring your talent, experience and skills

It's time to Comeback to Hospitality, Travel & Leisure

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